The university and admission process is well-organized, clear, assisted by  admission coordinator, who will assist you in  admission & visa , after arrival as well.

Here are the steps you need to   becoming a student in Ukraine:

Step 1.


Step 2.

Admission coordinator will promptly answer your application.

Step 3.

Send scan copy of  (passport, school certificates, additional studying documents), it will undergo analyzing ,if corresponds to the demand of the university, candidate will receive Admission offer letter.If candidate accepts the admission offer ,will pay for visa invitation letter , postal charges (DHL,FEDEX)

Step 4.

UKRAINE INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CENTER  will issue an official Invitation letter , Visa support letter of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine  on your name,  Invitation letter will be sent to your address by post(DHL,FEDEX).

Step 5

APPLY for visa in ukraine embassy in your country ,with original invitation letter.(please read visa & arrival)

Step 6.

After getting visa   plan the date of arrival in Ukraine and send us a copy of your ticket, we will organize your entry immigration in Ukraine & arrange transportation to the university, place at the hostel.

Step 7.

Pay 1 year tuition fee, hostel fee admission fee ,documentation & service charges as mentioned on your admission offer letter.

Step 8.

Your admission is complete ,start your classes , ukraine international education center will provide you legal assistance  , our staff will help you in adoption in ukraine.